Fulvic Acid Uses

Fulvic Avid is a new popular supplement that promotes cell strength, digestive health, mental health, and more. Many health and wellness professionals recommend Fulvic Acid to their patients do to its health-promoting qualities. There are many health issues that fulvic acid can help with. Below we name some of the more popular fulvic acid uses.

Enhance Crops

Fulvic Acid has been known to improve the growth quality of crops and plants; even in soilless growing environments. One single fulvic acid molecule can carry a large number of minerals and trace elements to increase cation exchange. It can also enhance plant metabolism which makes for faster, stronger-growing plants.

Promotion of Mental Health

Many of the causes of mental health issues are related to mineral and nutrient deficiencies. Fulvic Acid uses electrolytes that help increase the flow of useful nutrients and minerals to the brain. Fulvic Acid also helps the cells in the brain live longer and absorb nutrients and minerals for a much longer period of time.

Fighting Fatigue

Another of the Fulvic Acid uses is to fight fatigue. Like mental health issues, your energy levels are also related to nutrient and mineral intake. Users of fulvic acid report an increase in energy levels after using the supplement. Fulvic Acid energizes almost every biological process that the body does. Fulvic Acid helps the cells remain active that promote energy.

Producing Testosterone

A large number of users of fulvic acid have reported increases in testosterone. Indian researchers did a 90-day study in 2010 on 35 infertile test subjects. After the 90m day period, the subjects’ sperm count increased by 61%, their sperm quality increased by 37%, and serum testosterone levels increased by 23%. Another study in 2015 also showed an increase in testosterone level after the 90 days of fulvic acid use.

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